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Portrait of students, faculty, and board of regents at Bethany Lutheran High School in 1928
Carl S. Meyer
Anna John Silber
A Field Trip
Aerial photograph of Bethany Lutheran College taken in 1959.
Graduation day program for Marie Muench and a photo of Marie playing tennis.
Newspaper article on graduation of Marie Muench and a photo of her dorm room.
Photo and invitation to graduation for Marie Muench, 1913.
Photo of Marie Muench, first graduate of Bethany Ladies College.
Photo negatives of teacher Minnie Hubbard, 1921.
Bethany Ladies College tennis court, 1915.
Bethany Ladies College dorm room.
Bethany Ladies College student body in 1912.
Bethany Ladies College Diploma for Anna Catherine John in 1914.
Ladies College All School Photo 1922.
Ladies College prospectus 1912.